6 major branches of yoga

Raja Yoga literally means “Royal Yoga” or the “The Royal Path”. This branch refers to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (196 aphorisms that constitute the foundational text of yoga). The 8-limb approach of Raja Yoga is as follows: 1) Yama (ethical observances), 2) Niyama (self observances), 3) Asana (postures), 4) Pranayama (breath control), 5) Prathyahara (withdrawal of the senses), 6) Dharana (concentration), Dhyani (meditation) , Samadhi (union with the divine, absolute realization). Jnana Yoga means the “path of wisdom”. The world renowned spiritual leader, Krishnamurti, spoke internationally about examining the condition of one’s own mind. Becoming “The Watcher”. He said that in order

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