the elements (poetry series)

in the vastness of the forest she felt connection. the lightness the freedom of the wind tunneling through the trees. she tip-toed over the muddy grass fairy-like as though each step took her to a magical part of her mind. she felt energized as the rays of the sun beamed down on her rosy cheeks the moisture in the air from the glacier creek rested in small drops above her upper lip. earth air fire water oneness.

my fastened throat (poetry series)

my lips are burning to release these words like smoke fire filling up my throat unheard liberating to release my truth these words so free flowing my voice comes out like a cloud of smoke the old me felt like I was being choked. my fastened throat fake smiles and shiny masks my fastened throat held me back my fastened throat the only way out was through my fastened throat my voice my truth. by: Gillian Pearce My

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