the majestic bear (poetry series)

from the corner of my eye a brown bear emerges from the trees slow in her pace she strides moving forward with certainty in her direction. docile in her movements graceful she gently gazes toward me without a drop of fear in her big, round eyes Her path is clear - Her energy emits the perfect medley of strength and ease Her rich brown fur coat glistens under the bright rays of the afternoon sun. ravens loudly caw she walks away - strong and peaceful. connected to the earth, the forest, the water - to all that is. By: Gillian Pearce

her shadow (poetry series)

Turn toward your darkness your deepest fears There lies your strength. Boundless courage Unconditional love Your wholeness. Be brave But enter softly Slowly Moving forward with your whole heart Gently with curiosity and honesty. Into the depths of your being Illuminating all that you have tucked away. Dipping into a depth of awareness Loving every part of you. Empowered by your wholeness. Truth Courage In all that you are. By: Gillian Pearce

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